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I’m here to help connect you to the rawness of being human,
to encourage you to unravel and befriend your emotions and story.

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Start your Life Transformation Now

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Salma Good to Have you Here

I'm Salma

I am very happy that you are here. First time? Well, a warm welcome!

I am a coach and facilitator of transformation dedicated to challenge and guide you; to help you uncover your hidden truths; to ignite your true potential to lead a more fulfilling life.

Let's unravel your true self!

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Let's Go on a Journey of Aliveness

Lifelong optimist, lover of life and visionary, I guide individuals onto the path of self-discovery and support them on their journey of authentic and inspired leadership. But most of all, I’m human! I’ve been through life’s ups and downs and come out the other side.

I believe that in order to transform we must embrace all parts of ourselves and our journey and face our biggest challenges head on. Has no one ever told you that you can live happily alongside fear, anger, sadness, frustration? Oops, well, I will.


It's Time to Have
Real Conversations

Sharing our stories with others is a powerful way of bringing us closer together as individuals, while encouraging us to get closer to ourselves. It’s time to have real conversations on things that really matter. When we share, we also heal. When we relate to each other, we are able to find a sense of belonging.

Latest Stories

7 Mindsets to Awaken your State of Aliveness

Are you curious how some people just seem to breeze through life in a constant state of positivity, while you ride the rollercoaster of its ups and downs? Well, why can’t you follow suit and go from strength to strength in everything you do?

It’s time for you to step into a state of intrigue and really dig deep to see how you can change your life for the better. It’s time to surrender to yourself and your life – not by giving up or by fighting, but by stepping back and really becoming curious and wanting to explore your inner self in order to better understand your story.

My guidebook to Awaken your State of Aliveness will walk you through what achieving aliveness really means and the seven mindsets to get you there.

You will learn more about how to feel alive in everything you do and how to build stronger, more meaningful relationships with yourself and those around you on the path to a more fulfilling life. You will unravel your hidden truths and reconnect to become the best version of yourself. Ready to get started?

Life is a magical exploration and that exploration begins from within. Join me on this journey of aliveness by downloading the 7 Mindsets now.

Salma Let's Aim for Our True State of Aliveness
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